Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#13 - Blue Rose

Blue Rose
6" x 6"
Oil on canvas


Painting #13! I'm really cooking now. Yeah, I know. I should be on painting #33 since we are in week 17 of 2011, but I've really picked up steam in April. I plan to be at 50 by the end of June.

Here is my Blue Rose! I really love it. It started as a full color painting, then I added a couple of layers of bright blue glazing to make it pop.

Have I said that I really like to paint roses? I like the challenge of a limited pallet. I like the shadows and highlights of the individual petals, I like everything about them. They are also my "go to" when I'm not sure what else to paint and I just want to scratch the painting itch. So excpect to see them pop up every so often. There may very well be one sitting on my easel waiting to be started as we speak. As I type. Whatever.

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