Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#12 - Class Pear 2

10" x 14"
Oil on board

This is the 2nd of the finished class pears. It started out as a black and white painting:

but then several layers of glazing were added. Glazing is a technique where you add color by mixing oil paints with a medium and layering over the painting. In this case, I mixed paint with Liquin and added one color at a time. I believe, if I remember correctly that I added a red layer, azo yellow, ultramarine blue, added some highlights with lead white, then another layer each of red and yellow.

With glazing you get more of an aged effect for lack of a better term.
You can compare this with Class Pear #1 to see what I mean.

Class Pear #1 was painted with color from the beginning.

I learned alot from this exercise. In particular, how dark or light to make your underpainting in preparation for how it will show through the layers of glazing.

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