Monday, November 21, 2011

#38 - Pomegranate #2 (The 30-minute Fruit)

#38 - Pom 2 (The 30-Minute Fruit)
7" x 5"
Oil on Canvas Board

I painted on Saturday and have a series of several pomegranates that I am working on in between the Christmas portraits. I had an awful time with the fabric in this one. I tried to approach it several different ways and it just wasn't happening. So...I gave myself a time limit. At 5:30, I decided that I wanted it done by 6pm and started in on the pomegranate itself. Well. How about that. I love it. Not the fabric, but the fruit. And with the fruit, the fabric just doesn't seem so bad.

It's obvious that if I really wanted a challenge, I would paint fabric until I got it right. But do I really want that challenge right now? I'm not sure. Maybe next month.

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  1. Fitting title. Since pomegranates take 30 minutes to eat.