Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#36 - Pomegranates #1

#36 - Pomegranates #1
7" x 5"
Oil on Canvas Board

This was an exercise in color and shape for me. But wait..what painting isn't an exercise in color and shape? Wini suggested that I try some pomegranates. That they would fit nicely into my style and help me work through some of my mental painting blocks. So that's what I'm doing. Next week is going to be a HUGE portrait painting week. I have 6 lined up for Christmas and another 12 lined up for the near future. Some of them I won't be able to post until after Dec. 25th as they are gifts, so expect a huge push toward 100 in that last week!

If you guys have read through all of my posts, you know that the inspiration for 100 paintings in a year came from the work of Adam Houston. He painted 100 in 2010 and he's doing it again in 2011. He's a pretty smart guy and seems to do really well with creating exercises to develop his talent. Head over to his page and check out the tree series he did. BIG jumps between painting 1 and 15.

The reason I bring up Adam's tree series is that I've been thinking for a while that I'm moving too fast and being too impatient with myself. Once I paint something I'm done. Then later, I'll look back and be not quite satisfied. I could have done a better job. Maybe a series is in order. Something to think about.

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  1. This turned out beautifully dawn. Looking forward to whatever direction you take.