Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#33 - A Shroom with a View

"A Shroom with a View"
14" x 14"
Oil on Canvas (with black painted sides)

Do you like my title? I'm a jokester! Here til Tuesday folks. Tip your waitresses.

So this was painted from a photo taken by my Dad and Stepmom in their yard. These little babies were popping up all over the place. I have changed the colors of the mushrooms from real life to something a little more jazzy. Otherwise, well, it just looked like a bunch of hmmm...let me just say, they were all very flesh toned. I thought it was just me as my mind does a little gutter traipsing from time to time, but I emailed the photo to several friends and got 100% feedback on whether or not I should change up the color. I hope you like it Dad!*

In the end, I really like the grass in this painting. It's the part I fought the most. Aside from the color changes.

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