Tuesday, June 7, 2011

#20 - Sunset

#20 - Sunset
10" x 8"
Oil on Masonite

Woo hoo! #20!

I know I'm still not quite where I need to be for 2011, but I am getting there and I haven't quit yet! So many times I would get in over my head with a project and quit, but I'm sticking this one out. I am loving oils and just painting in general. I am also discovering so much about where I want to go with a style. I'm not there yet, but I see potential!

I have to get so much credit and thanks for this painting to James Joslyn. He is a photographer friend of my boyfriend's who happened to post a gorgeous photo of tulips on his facebook page one day. I asked if I could paint it and he sent me a whole cd of incredible images to paint from! So thank you Jimmy! Thank you thank you thank you!

The picture of this sunset was on the disc he sent. It doesn't do it justice, but for a quick painting, I like parts of it pretty well.


  1. I think I need on of Dawn's originals. That is beautiful!

  2. How quick is "quick"? Seems to me that quick painting would be a good technique to really draw out your expression without focusing too much on detail. If this is an example of that, you SCORE!! I love this!!