Friday, January 7, 2011


In 2011 I will create 100 paintings. This is an exercise to get myself back into habits that I have forgotten and rediscover the talent that I'm fairly sure is still there. Also, it should be a good time. I love all the tools that go along with painting. I love the smells and the textures and good grief don't get me started on how much fun gesso can be. sigh....

I have to give credit where credit is unknowingly due. I was browsing on one day, looking around the painting section, trying to get inspired for my oil painting class that starts next week. I came across the work of Adam Houston. He spent 2010 also creating 100 paintings in order to rediscover his love of painting. Check out his blog, it's pretty cool. He still has a few of his works on sale at etsy if you want to snag one.

So, I read Adam's blog over a couple of days and the idea grew that this might be what I needed to kick start my own artistic endeavors. So here I go. The first few paintings with be in acrylics, but like I said, next week I begin an oil class and cannot WAIT. I've never worked in oils, just acrylics and watercolors.

So here goes. Feel free to leave comments be they nice or snarky. I'm hoping to have some gems amidst what will be lots of trial and errors.

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