Thursday, February 3, 2011

Class Update

I am loving my oil painting class. It is a complete switch from acrylics. I have to think and paint in a completely different manner. It's a challenge, but I am really enjoying myself.

The first class was pretty basic. We painting a color wheel and a color grid chart. We didn't use brushes, we used q-tips. We all felt very kindergarten. In a good way! I need to snap pics of my grid and wheel and post them. I'll try to remember to do that tonight. Class #2 was still a review of the basics. We had a demo about the different types of br
ushes and how to grid your base drawing. Then we painted a black and white pear. The point was to learn how to mix shades and tints. She had us grid off a photo of a pear, draw it upside down so that our mind break the connection with "pear" and we could just draw what we saw. We will be glazing this in a couple of weeks. Here t'is: (Sorry for the crappy photo - phone camera)

Class #3 was last night and we graduated to a color pear! She wanted to teach us shading with compliments (complements?) And here it is:

Next week we have been asked to bring in samples of subjects that interest us. That should be when the real fun begins. I wonder what I will come up with!

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